It’s never too late to begin a better life. Our counseling teams provide timely results. Delivering on time, every time to many patients and families.

Our counseling practice in Oklahoma city is there for you.

Consistent Support & Peace of Mind

Whether it is raising a responsible child, working on fitness, or going to therapy, consistency and structure are key!

Success in life is dictated by a fine balance of consistency and structure with flexibility. We invite you into a therapeutic space where you can define and find your distinct path to success.

International Expertise

We offer a wide range of therapy, specialized educational sessions and support groups in the Oklahoma City community, statewide, national and abroad.  We can help with parenting, social anxiety and other necessary support.

The Colibri Consulting Group is the creation of two well-traveled and visionary minds.

You matter and you can succeed. These are the premises in which this unique and culturally-aware counseling group was created.

Conceived in 2014 and incorporated in 2017, The Colibri Consulting Group was formed as a compassionate response to the lack of quality mental health services in the Oklahoma City Area.

For many, finding both high-quality and financially attainable counseling services in Oklahoma City can be difficult. We believe that quality mental health services in Oklahoma City, should not be reserved for the few and the privileged. We are proud to be able to fulfill this great need with skillful and compassionate counseling services in a safe and comfortable environment, all while being centrally located in Oklahoma City.

The Colibri Consulting Group creates a safe, warm, and enjoyable space for clients to explore themselves and their life. In Oklahoma City, The Colibri Consulting group offers a variety of services and will focus on your strengths to facilitate progress towards therapeutic goals. The Colibri Consulting Group works with anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, suicidal ideations, anger management, and every day stress.

In Oklahoma, as mental health practitioners, our goal is to address and to ameliorate distress. We work jointly with each client to encourage a realistic basis that builds consistent emotional stability, increases capacity to adapt to change, and allows the development of coping skills that will maximize your potential to function in all aspects of daily living. In working towards these goals, we provide treatment to any person over the age of 4, regardless of race, color, creed, physical or medical disability.


In therapy,  we can potentially explore the emotional history of the patient and focus on the individual’s internal emotional life. The therapist assists the patient in making connections between behavior and unconscious feelings. Interactions in the therapist-patient relationship frequently mirror events of the patient’s life and help in understanding feelings and action

  • Grief
  • Divorce
  • Major Life-Changes
  • Proposals
  • New Births
  • Life Coaching

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